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Public Banking

Walt McRee, chair of the Public Banking Institute, holds an informal disucssion with Belknap County officials on the advantages of establishing a public bank in New Hampshire.

Rep. Valerie Fraser, R-New Hampton, who serves on the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee, has been promoting the establishment of a public bank as a way of saving the state billions of dollars in interest payments to commercial banks. With a public bank, the profits would go back into the state's general fund, while making below-market-rate loans possible.

Indy Voices

News and feature stories from independent writers.

New Police Station25-Sep-2015

Selectmen Reach Consensus On Approach To Space Needs By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Having pulled back to consider a better approach to solving the town’s space needs, Bristol’s selectmen on Sept. 21 found some common ground for forging a plan to take to the taxpayers. Details remain to be worked out, but there was a consensus among the selectmen meeti..

Middle School Controversy21-Sep-2015

Sixth Grade To Remain at Middle School By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — The Newfound Area School Board has killed a plan to move the sixth grade from the middle school back into the district’s four remaining elementary schools. Prompted by a desire to extend the more nurturing environment of the elementary school in hopes of improving student performan..

Police Space Needs21-Sep-2015

Another Setback In Addressing Space Needs By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Having confirmed that the town’s contingency fund is not the proper place to take money for an unbudgeted space needs study, the Bristol Board of Selectmen debated how to proceed with getting a plan before voters in March that would address deficiencies in the police department and accommodate..

Hill School Board09-Sep-2015

Hill School Board Ponders Its Options By Thomas P. Caldwell HILL — Members of the Hill School Board are continuing to deal with the fallout from the town’s decision to end its long-standing relationship with Franklin and instead tuition its students in the higher grades to Newfound Memorial Middle and Newfound Regional High schools in Bristol. In response ..

Bristol Selectmen30-Aug-2015

Cost and Funding of Police Space Needs Study Still Unknown By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Six weeks after voting to hire an independent firm to assess the police department’s space needs, the Bristol Board of Selectmen is no closer to seeing the initiative move forward. At the time they took the vote, the selectmen were considering the purchase of a..

Calder Willingham15-May-2015

Celebrities In Our Midst: Author Calder Willingham By Thomas P. Caldwell The Lakes Region of New Hampshire attracts visitors looking to get away from the big city, but also famous people seeking a little anonymity and a bit of peace and quiet. Whether spending a summer beside the lake or seeking a permanent country retreat, New Hampshire has provided the ideal setting f..

School Board Approves Field Trip To Iceland14-May-2015

By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Students at Newfound Regional High School will have an unusual field trip opportunity next spring when the art department sponsors a trip to Iceland. The six-day experiential learning tour scheduled for April vacation in 2016 will take students to Iceland’s glaciers, geysers (geysir in Iceland), and hot springs, as well as the Reykjav..

Downtown parking issues resolved, town turns 
to beautification, economic development30-Apr-2015

By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — The state has agreed to let the town replace the back-in parking in Central Square with traditional, head-in parking. Responding to citizen and business owner complaints about the back-in spaces created when the town reconfigured the downtown area two years ago, selectmen had decided to change back to the more familiar par..

Resident Seeks Smarter Balanced Opt-Out23-Apr-2015

By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — While political groups continue to debate the merits of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, a local woman is pressing the Newfound Area School District for answers to her concerns about the Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests after refusing to let her children participate in the new testing program, or any standardized testing. After the Newfound ..

Hoiriis Named High School Principal16-Apr-2015

By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Cheers erupted at the Newfound Area School Board’s April 13 meeting when it appointed Assistant Principal Paul Hoiriis to succeed Principal Michael O’Malley at Newfound Regional High School. Hoiriis was one of two finalists for the position who met with community members prior to the board’s final decision. The other candidate was Chri..

Bristol Elementary School Principal Resigns02-Apr-2015

By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — The Newfound Area School Board on March 23 accepted the resignation of Bristol Elementary School Principal Mollay Jallah, effective at the end of the school year. The action came after the board went into non-public session to discuss the matter. Superintendent Stacy Buckley had not responded to a request for a copy of Jallah’s letter of resignation..

New Selectman Takes His Place at the Table02-Apr-2015

By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Having lost his bid for selectman by five votes in 2014 and then being denied an appointment to the board because of partisan rivalries, Paul Manganiello prevailed in this year’s election and he took his seat at the table on March 26, bringing the board to its full complement for the first time since Joe Denning resigned, shortly after town meeting last y..

Upcoming Projects:

Santa's Village at 60: A popular program that captures and shares the magic of Christmas opened at the Bristol Community Center (now Tapply-Thompson Community Center) 60 years ago. We will interview people who were there at the beginning and who took part through the years, either as workers or spectators, as well as following the construction and presentation of this year's Santa's Village.

Vera Meyer plays Ben Franklin's Glass Harmonica (Video version)

Building Upon a Dream: Keene Castle

Monarch School of New England


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The Invisible People

Invisible to many, the homeless nevertheless exist in most cities and towns. Now there are programs to help them discover hidden talents and find their way to a fresh start.

This documentary highlights an art and photography project in Laconia NH and a transitional program in Canaan NH.

Click the "Play" arrow to watch a 15-minute trailer, or click "Buy Now" to stream the full, 50-minute video.

We also have a DVD of the documentary available for purchase in our online store.

Twilight Culture

This episode is simple in concept and execution yet broad in implications (as the best are). The political commentary is clear-cut and eternal, yet holds a special significance these days. The message? The transformative nature of a state of absolute surveillance.

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Samantha Silver produced an audio documentary, "Skin Deep", which focuses on the Maine naturist community. Click on the following link:

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The Invisible People

Minot-Sleeper Library On the Move

Just By Accident


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