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The Invisible People

Invisible to many, the homeless nevertheless exist in most cities and towns. Now there are programs to help them discover hidden talents and find their way to a fresh start.

This documentary highlights an art and photography project in Laconia NH and a transitional program in Canaan NH.

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Safe Routes to School07-Jun-2016

Town Prepares For Safe Routes To School Project By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — The long process of obtaining a Safe Routes to School grant and awarding a construction contract has been completed, so now town officials are focusing on communications, to let those who will be affected by the project know what it entails and when traffic will be disrupted. Ther..

Space Needs02-Jun-2016

Volunteers Join Town Officials In Planning Bristol’s Future By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — Local volunteers have played a big role in preserving the town’s historic structures and keeping community spirit alive, while also looking to the future of the town. Susan Duncan, a former selectman who has served as a volunteer on several study committees in the past..


Opinion: Transgenders Can Assist with Closing a School to Dramatically Lower Taxes By Vincent Paul Migliore Spenders & Conservatives United? Let’s not miss opportunity! Each of us can have it both ways! Obama succeeded in uniting us — both sides of the transgender issue win! Well, more accurately: The guidance was issued jointly by the DOJ and DOE, not President O..


Volunteers Make The Difference By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — If you want to get something done, there are volunteers in the community who will make it happen. When voters in 2014 rejected the funds to repair the Old Town Hall on Summer Street, it could have been over for the historic building. After all, for decades, successive groups had attempted to rev..


Newfound Schools To Adopt Eureka Math Curriculum By Thomas P. Caldwell BRISTOL — The Newfound Area School District will be switching to a new mathematics curriculum that admittedly will be challenging, but which will see students build their skills upon a strong foundation, according to curriculum coordinator Therese Wetherington. The Newfound Area School Boa..



Reviews and feature stories

Fire and Ice

Thomas P. Caldwell - Friday, April 01, 2016

Music Festival Showcases Alternative Styles

Dr. Jack

Thomas P. Caldwell - Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Transformative Music Born of Pain and Loss

Just By Accident


Unlaundered Cache

Video Projects

Santa's Village

Santa's Village in Bristol NH celebrated its 60th year in 2014. The Liberty Project followed the event through from set-up to take-down, and spoke with some of the people who have been part of Santa's Village through the years.

Find out what goes into putting the village together each year, and some of the mishaps that have occurred behind the scenes of a project that has brought joy to generations of families.

Santa's Village prompted the creation of Christmas Village in Laconia NH and countless similar events around the world. BUY


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The Liberty Independent Media Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit venture formed to create and encourage participation in efforts to record cultural, historical, and creative efforts in the form of video documentaries and stories for print and web, with a special emphasis on people overcoming adversity.

The Liberty Project provides a forum for individuals with their own media projects and seeks out interesting people and events for our own coverage efforts. By broadening the newsgathering force with citizen-journalists and those with something to share, we hope to expand the definition of news to include people of all backgrounds and help to establish lost connections with the broad community of humanity.

Board of Directors

Thomas P. Caldwell, Project Manager (2018)

Deb Braley, President (2018)

Warren D. Huse, Treasurer (2016)

Jennifer Sargent, Director (2017)

Barbara Greenwood, Director (2016)



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Upcoming Projects:

Veterans' Voices: Oral histories for the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project

Vera Meyer plays Ben Franklin's Glass Harmonica (Video version)

Building Upon a Dream: Keene Castle

Monarch School of New England


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Twilight Culture

This episode is simple in concept and execution yet broad in implications (as the best are). The political commentary is clear-cut and eternal, yet holds a special significance these days. The message? The transformative nature of a state of absolute surveillance.

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