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Who We Are

The Liberty Independent Media Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit venture formed to create and encourage participation in efforts to record cultural, historical, and creative efforts in the form of video documentaries and stories for print and web, with a special emphasis on people overcoming adversity.

The Liberty Project provides a forum for individuals with their own media projects and seeks out interesting people and events for our own coverage efforts. By broadening the newsgathering force with citizen-journalists and those with something to share, we hope to expand the definition of news to include people of all backgrounds and help to establish lost connections with the broad community of humanity.

Board of Directors

Thomas P. Caldwell, Project Manager (2018)

Deb Braley, President (2018)

Warren D. Huse, Treasurer (2019)

Jennifer Sargent, Director (2017)

Barbara Greenwood, Director (2019)


Opportunities for Correspondents

If I share with you my story, will you share your dollar with me?

Part of the Liberty Independent Media Project's mission is to provide a means for both professional journalists and citizen correspondents to offer news and feature stories, as well as audio and video projects. Through a news service, the Liberty Project also allows other print and digital media outlets to purchase content. Two-thirds of any income from those sales will go back to the original writers and producers.

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Investments in the Project

We encourage people to become part of the Liberty Independent Media Project by investing in our efforts at rebuilding a sense of community with profiles, news, and information that is available nowhere else.

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Just By Accident


Featured Video

Indy Voices


If There’s Money Available, NHCS Will Get Playground Funding

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — A tax-capped budget did not allow the funding of new playground equipment at the New Hampton Community School, but now the PTO will receive as much as $15,000 from the Newfound Area School District toward the cost of the equipment, provided there is enough money in the unreserved fund balance at the end of the year.

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Committee Retained For Town Building Project

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — The space needs committee, whose initial charge ended when it submitted its recommendations last December, will continue — possibly under a different name — as the town moves forward with plans to build a new town office building and to turn over the existing municipal building to the police department.

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Alexandria Selectmen Face Challenges

By Thomas P. Caldwell

ALEXANDRIA — Questions about the legality of the town’s storm-delayed elections were of little concern as the newest selectman, Chet Caron, joined other members of the Alexandria Board of Selectmen on April 4 to discuss more pressing matters — like the defeat of a proposed building permit ordinance.

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Sellers Appeals Bristol Election Results

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — Selectman candidate John Sellers, who lost the March 14 municipal election by 17 votes and a March 23 recount by 16 votes, has filed action in Grafton County Superior Court to invalidate the results, based on the handling of 30 absentee ballots and an error in listing the number of open seats on the Bristol Budget Committee.

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Newfound Board Still Grappling With Audio Problems

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — The Newfound Area School Board thought it had solved the problem of poor audio quality on its meeting videos, but in the two meetings since it defeated a motion to use an independent backup recording device, the first video lost sound after the first few minutes and the second was barely audible throughout.

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News Archives


The Trichomes Release  New Album

By Thomas P. Caldwell

A new album by The Trichomes, “Frank’s Dank Super No. 1 Hits” packs an hour’s worth of bluesy, somewhat psychedelic, original music.

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Day Tripping to Franklin Falls Dam

By Thomas P. Caldwell

In the cool of the morning, shortly after the sun comes up, a short trip with the dogs to Periwinkle Field can provide a positive start to the day.

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Going Mobile In Your Own RV

By Thomas P. Caldwell

Freedom. For some people, it can mean spending a carefree day fishing or boating on one of the lakes ... hiking into the wilderness and exploring the myriad of trails cut through the mountains. ... Or someone may choose to go RV-ing.

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Veteran's Voice

This series allows veterans to tell their stories in their own way, in their own words and photos.

In this premiere episode, Harold "Bub" Sheffield of Bristol NH describes his experiences as a Marine Corps Raider, having joined the Marines right after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He recounts how he got involved in the elite special operations group, and the lifelong friendships he developed.

Watch the 3-minute trailer, and then rent or buy to stream the full, 31-minute video.

Whuz the Buzz at

The News Café

Now Open

The News Café is a virtual meeting place where members share their thoughts and questions about the news of the day — or any topic — and where we select one of those topics for more in-depth consideration. Keep up with the conversations by subscribing to The News Café bulletin.

Come on in, fill your cup with your favorite drink, pull up a chair, and join us at The News Café.


Indy Rockers Carbon Leaf Coming
To Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — Indy rockers Carbon Leaf will bring an energetic live show to the Flying Monkey Performance Center on Friday, May 5, at 7:30 p.m.

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Calendar of Events

Savor the Flavors of New Hampshire’s Grand North

LANCASTER — There may be no better way to get to know a region than through its foods. Visitors dining in northern New Hampshire’s restaurants have long appreciated the variety of regional foods that are rooted in the area’s history, such as Native Americans’ use of maple sap and the focus on local game, fish and wild greens. Now, home cooks can sample a “Taste of New Hampshire’s Grand North” in a free, downloadable recipe book.

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The Invisible People

Invisible to many, the homeless nevertheless exist in most cities and towns. Now there are programs to help them discover hidden talents and find their way to a fresh start.

This documentary highlights an art and photography project in Laconia NH and a transitional program in Canaan NH.

Watch the 15-minute trailer, and then rent or buy to stream the full, 50-minute video.

We also have a DVD of the documentary available for purchase in our online store.

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