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Who We Are

The Liberty Independent Media Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit venture formed to create and encourage participation in efforts to record cultural, historical, and creative efforts in the form of video documentaries and stories for print and web, with a special emphasis on people overcoming adversity.

The Liberty Project provides a forum for individuals with their own media projects and seeks out interesting people and events for our own coverage efforts. By broadening the newsgathering force with citizen-journalists and those with something to share, we hope to expand the definition of news to include people of all backgrounds and help to establish lost connections with the broad community of humanity.

Board of Directors

Thomas P. Caldwell, Project Manager (2018)

Deb Braley, President (2018)

Warren D. Huse, Treasurer (2016)

Jennifer Sargent, Director (2017)

Barbara Greenwood, Director (2016)


Opportunities for Correspondents

If I share with you my story, will you share your dollar with me?

Part of the Liberty Independent Media Project's mission is to provide a means for both professional journalists and citizen correspondents to offer news and feature stories, as well as audio and video projects. Through a news service, the Liberty Project also allows other print and digital media outlets to purchase content. Two-thirds of any income from those sales will go back to the original writers and producers.

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Investments in the Project

We encourage people to become part of the Liberty Independent Media Project by investing in our efforts at rebuilding a sense of community with profiles, news, and information that is available nowhere else.

You have the opportunity to decide for yourself how valuable this project is to you, and make a contribution in any amount by clicking on the Value2Me button.

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The Invisible People

Invisible to many, the homeless nevertheless exist in most cities and towns. Now there are programs to help them discover hidden talents and find their way to a fresh start.

This documentary highlights an art and photography project in Laconia NH and a transitional program in Canaan NH.

Watch the 15-minute trailer, and then rent or buy to stream the full, 50-minute video.

We also have a DVD of the documentary available for purchase in our online store.


Squirrel Nut Zippers Bring 20th Anniversary
'Hot' Tour to Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — Members of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, who got back together for a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary reissue of their album, “Hot”, will be at the Flying Monkey Performance Center on Friday, Nov. 18, at 7:30 p.m., performing their vintage-sounding hot jazz and swing music.

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The Liberty Independent Media Project offers online sales of DVDs and other material produced by and for the Liberty Independent Media Project, through its online store.

Just By Accident

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Indy Voices


Tax Cap Forces School District To Look At Consolidation

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — A budget forecast that has gotten bleaker by the week, coupled with a tax cap that limits flexibility in funding, has officials in the Newfound Area School District considering the elimination of a summer education program and abandonment of many of the building improvements the superintendent had hoped to make during the coming year.

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Selectmen Discuss Policies On Snow and Parking

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — Just ahead of the season’s first signs of snow, the Bristol Board of Selectmen adopted a new snow obstruction policy that sets fines for placing snow or ice on town roads and walkways, or on town property. The board is continuing to work on a policy governing downtown parking by private property tenants.

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Bristol Outlines Need For Unified Building Codes

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — The town’s planning department will be embarking on an educational campaign to make the case for strengthening land use regulations and enforcement.

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LaRoche Is New Bristol Fire Chief

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — Selectmen have appointed a veteran Bristol firefighter to the position of fire chief.

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News Archives


The Trichomes Release  New Album

By Thomas P. Caldwell

A new album by The Trichomes, “Frank’s Dank Super No. 1 Hits” packs an hour’s worth of bluesy, somewhat psychedelic, original music.

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Day Tripping to Franklin Falls Dam

By Thomas P. Caldwell

In the cool of the morning, shortly after the sun comes up, a short trip with the dogs to Periwinkle Field can provide a positive start to the day.

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Going Mobile In Your Own RV

By Thomas P. Caldwell

Freedom. For some people, it can mean spending a carefree day fishing or boating on one of the lakes ... hiking into the wilderness and exploring the myriad of trails cut through the mountains. ... Or someone may choose to go RV-ing.

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