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Who We Are

The Liberty Independent Media Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit venture formed to create and encourage participation in efforts to record cultural, historical, and creative efforts in the form of video documentaries and stories for print and web, with a special emphasis on people overcoming adversity.

The Liberty Project provides a forum for individuals with their own media projects and seeks out interesting people and events for our own coverage efforts. By broadening the newsgathering force with citizen-journalists and those with something to share, we hope to expand the definition of news to include people of all backgrounds and help to establish lost connections with the broad community of humanity.

Board of Directors

Thomas P. Caldwell, Project Manager (2018)

Deb Braley, President (2018)

Warren D. Huse, Treasurer (2016)

Jennifer Sargent, Director (2017)

Barbara Greenwood, Director (2016)


Opportunities for Correspondents

If I share with you my story, will you share your dollar with me?

Part of the Liberty Independent Media Project's mission is to provide a means for both professional journalists and citizen correspondents to offer news and feature stories, as well as audio and video projects. Through a news service, the Liberty Project also allows other print and digital media outlets to purchase content. Two-thirds of any income from those sales will go back to the original writers and producers.

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Investments in the Project

We encourage people to become part of the Liberty Independent Media Project by investing in our efforts at rebuilding a sense of community with profiles, news, and information that is available nowhere else.

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Featured Video

Indy Voices


Bristol Looks At Regionalization

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — Town officials have invited representatives of the Newfound Area School District and its member towns to a discussion on regionalization, to take place on Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Old Town Hall.

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Search Is On For New Fire Chief

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — The town is setting up a procedure for the selection of a new fire chief, with both a staff meeting and a survey to allow people to comment on the qualities they would like to see in Steven Yannuzzi’s replacement.

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Selectmen Grant Pay Increases

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — Town employees will be receiving pay increases for the nine final pay periods of the year following a 3-2 vote of the Bristol Board of Selectmen on Aug. 22. The pay increases, with associated benefits, taxes, and retirement contributions, are estimated to cost $52,700.

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Towns Join To Bury Northern Pass

By Thomas P. Caldwell

BRISTOL — The towns of Bristol and New Hampton have signed an agreement — and they hope to see Ashland and Bridgewater join them — to help fund a study on the potential for burying the direct-current transmission lines associated with the Northern Pass hydroelectric project as it passes through those towns.

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News Archives



Going Mobile In Your Own RV

By Thomas P. Caldwell

Freedom. For some people, it can mean spending a carefree day fishing or boating on one of the lakes. For others, it is hiking into the wilderness and exploring the myriad of trails cut through the mountains. Still others may find freedom in hitchhiking or heading down the road on a motorcycle. Or someone may choose to go RV-ing.

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Short Hikes Alongside Newfound Lake

By Thomas P. Caldwell

Newfound Lake, surrounded by the towns of Bristol, Alexandria, Hebron, and Bridgewater, is a glacial lake that, on its western side, reaches a depth of 180 feet. Fed by the Fowler River in Alexandria and the Cockermouth River in Hebron, it empties into the Newfound River in Bristol, effectively flushing the pollutants that trouble many other bodies of water.

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Rope Skippers from Bristol Made Big Impressions

By Thomas P. Caldwell

Spring is well underway, bringing people outdoors to do yard work or gardening, ride bikes, or participate in other warm-weather pursuits. One spring activity that has mostly disappeared, though — gone the way of playing games of marbles — is jumping rope.

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Feature Archives


The Invisible People

Invisible to many, the homeless nevertheless exist in most cities and towns. Now there are programs to help them discover hidden talents and find their way to a fresh start.

This documentary highlights an art and photography project in Laconia NH and a transitional program in Canaan NH.

Click the "Play" arrow to watch a 15-minute trailer, or click "Buy Now" to stream the full, 50-minute video.

We also have a DVD of the documentary available for purchase in our online store.



Kingston Trio To Appear at Flying Monkey

PLYMOUTH — The Kingston Trio, pioneers in the American Folk movement, will return to the Flying Monkey Performance Center on Saturday, Aug. 27, at 7:30 p.m.

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Calendar of Events


The Liberty Independent Media Project offers online sales of DVDs and other material produced by and for the Liberty Independent Media Project, through its online store.

Just By Accident

Twilight Culture

This episode is simple in concept and execution yet broad in implications (as the best are). The political commentary is clear-cut and eternal, yet holds a special significance these days. The message? The transformative nature of a state of absolute surveillance.

Video Projects

Santa's Village

Santa's Village in Bristol NH celebrated its 60th year in 2014. The Liberty Project followed the event through from set-up to take-down, and spoke with some of the people who have been part of Santa's Village through the years.

Find out what goes into putting the village together each year, and some of the mishaps that have occurred behind the scenes of a project that has brought joy to generations of families.

Santa's Village prompted the creation of Christmas Village in Laconia NH and countless similar events around the world. BUY

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