Naturalist John Burroughs, inventor Thomas Alva Edison, and industrialists Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone greet an admiring crowd on the porch of the Ideal Hotel in Tilton on Aug. 11, 1919, during their New Hampshire tour. Edison later circulated through the crowd which had gathered, helping the Franklin branch of the Salvation Army raise money. (Courtesy photo: Chris Dunn of Northfield)

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Unlaundered Cache

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom has compiled this collection of poems, written over several decades while living in New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina and Maine. A member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, she wrote the title poem while on vacation at Goose Rocks Beach, Maine, when her family was living in North Carolina. A past member of her native New Hampshire Poetry Society, when she moved to Pinehurst, NC, she became a member of the Poetry Society of North Carolina that published "Unlaundered Cache" in its 60th anniversary collection, entitled "Here's to the Land", 1992.

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Just By Accident:

Adventures of a Modern Vagabond












Gardner Benson, a New Hampshire native who traveled the world, explored it with a true sense of free-spirited adventure and a sincere love of nature.

He got the nickname of Backcountry Ben while employed by the U.S. Forest Service in Alaska.

Just By Accident: Adventures of a Modern Vagabond recounts his personal journey when, dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he left behind his job and family to sort things out. His journey took him across America and, ultimately, to Alaska, where he survived bears and an accident on a glacier.

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Veteran's Voice No. 1

This series allows veterans to tell their stories in their own way, in their own words and photos. In this premiere episode, Harold "Bub" Sheffield of Bristol NH describes his experiences as a Marine Corps Raider, having joined the Marines right after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Mustered! Foot Soldiers of the 12th












Jeayne Fahey, whose great-grandfather, Capt. Richard W. Musgrove, had been a foot soldier with the 12th N.H. Regiment during the Civil War, prepared a DVD as an accompaniment to her book, "Mustered! Foot Soldiers of the 12th," which she published based upon the papers she found in her ancestor's trunk.

Fahey got caught up in the tales of the Civil War soldiers when the Bristol Historical Society contacted her, seeking information about Musgrove in preparation for the dedication of a new bridge in his honor in 1998. She found galley proofs with notations by Musgrove regarding hundreds of war diaries, personal accounts, and lithographed portraits also preserved in the trunk, stored in her attic.

In her book and the DVD presentation, Fahey traces the three-year journey by New Hampshire's 12th Regiment as they made their way to the Civil War battles, including Gettysburg — a journey that largely had been lost to history.

The book is listed at for between $109.95 and $140 but is being sold here at $33. The DVD is available for $24.

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Poetry Reading: Unlaundered Cache








Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom reads from her book, "Unlaundered Cache", at the Minot-Sleeper Library in Bristol NH.

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Santa's Village 60th Year follows from set-up to take-down the 2014 Santa's Village at the Tapply-Thompson Community Center in Bristol NH, with interviews of those who have been involved with the program through the years. A portion of the proceeds benefit the TTCC.

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The Invisible People

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Minot-Sleeper Library — On The Move

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