Liberty Independent Media Project

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Statement of Need

The long tradition of community journalism helped to shape the country by providing news coverage with a local focus, showing people the importance of community participation and sharing with others. Traditionally, individuals and businesses recognized the importance of community journalism in promoting and maintaining a vibrant town and city. Because people have been both contributors and subjects of the stories in the local newspaper, they have been the promoters and recipients of local celebrity status, and their causes become everyone’s causes. Support of the newspaper was equivalent to promoting the general well-being, individually, collectively, and as a society.

The proliferation of other media has eroded the community newspaper’s monopoly on local news and residents today are as likely to get their news from television and the Internet as the local newspaper and the personal bond that used to exist throughout the community has weakened.

The Liberty Independent Media Project is designed to help bridge the gap by offering multiple ways of disseminating stories: in print, on the Web, over public access television, and on CD and DVD.

The Liberty Independent Media Project conducts interviews, videotapes events, and covers issues that may be missed in the traditional media. Individuals with special concerns or perspectives which they want to express can contribute stories and tapes to the project. Students will be encouraged to produce their own written or taped projects.

Liberty IMP will take these stories, interviews, and opinions and offer them in multiple formats, for wide dissemination. A single story may be presented in many versions, so those who are comfortable with the Internet will be able to access a web version, while those who prefer to watch TV or read a newsletter can get the information in those formats. Radio broadcast is another possibility.

With businesses and media outlets having a constant need for new content, the Liberty Independent Media Project also can serve their needs with a catalogue of programs and articles constantly being expanded.