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 Liberty Media's news service offers print and digital media outlets access to stories, photos, and videos produced by the Liberty Independent Media Project which can supplement the work of your own staff. Select from a digest of news and feature stories and purchase exclusive or shared publication rights.

Liberty Media also can handle special assignments from clients with staffing shortages that prevent taking on additional work or who would like to do more without hiring additional personnel. Calling upon our freelance assistance can save money, as staff personnel, in addition to salaries and benefits, will cost for non-productive time, vacation days, holidays, unemployment insurance, social security, sick leave, and other fringe benefits — all of which can be avoided by paying Liberty Media for specific assignments you want completed.

We endeavor to present fair and balanced accounts of news events and to seek out unusual and overlooked stories, particularly features on those overcoming adversity in any of its forms. We also report on the arts and cultural trends.

Since we work with print and video, we are able to offer stories in various formats to suit clients' needs. For instance, an interview may be presented as a story with photos for print and web while also being offered as full-length video on DVD or a video clip for use on a client's website. A story may be presented in a shorter version for quick availability and a full feature for future presentation. Those purchasing a video version may supply their own logos for inclusion with that of the Liberty Project. The files may be formated as .mov files or for YouTube so it may be embedded on your website; or we will provide a DVD for your use.

Fee Schedule

Exclusive: Purchase of exclusive rights to use in all of company’s outlets, print and online.

Story Exclusive: $150

Story & Photo Exclusive: $180

Story & Video Exclusive: $450

Story Rights: Single use in print and online; other media also will be able to purchase rights to this item.

Story Only: $75

Story with Photos: $90

Story with Video: $225

Special Assignments

Contact us with special assignment requests.

Generally, special assignments will be billed at the Exclusive rate above, with adjustments for the complexity of the job. Special terms may be possible for regular clients and multiple assignments.

Please email the request to

Web Design


Initial Web Design: $675*

Site Maintenance: $45/hour

* Based upon completion of a two-page site with customer providing content and art. Additional pages, copy-writing, custom graphic design, and special features not included in this price. We will adjust pricing to reflect these items as well as domain name registration and web hosting services.

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