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News: March 2018

Voters Reject Budget; Lawsuit In The Wings

BRISTOL — Residents of the Newfound Area School District trimmed $277,762 in spending by rejecting the proposed 2018-19 budget on March 13, but they stand to save another $712,300 if they prevail in a lawsuit challenging how the administration calculated the default budget.

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Residents Protest Default Budget; Superintendent Calls Police

BRISTOL — A contingent of selectmen and residents of the Newfound Area School District took the school board to task for placing $712,300 in new capital expenditures into the district’s default budget, with their anger prompting the superintendent to seek police assistance on March 12.

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Selectmen Name Millstream Park

BRISTOL — Moving forward with plans for a kiosk and informational signs at the former Millstream property, the Bristol Board of Selectmen also decided to give the town-owned parcel a name: Millstream Park.

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No Default Budget Discussion Until Day Before Vote

BRISTOL — School Board Chair Jeff Levesque of Groton has decided to let the clock run out on opportunities to correct the Newfound Area School District’s default budget, waiting until the day before residents cast their votes to discuss an apparent error that added $712,300 in new spending into the backup budget.

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