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Veteran's Voice

This series allows veterans to tell their stories in their own way, in their own words and photos.

In this video, Brigadier General Donald Bolduc, who served several tours in Afghanistan and commended special forces in Africa, talks about his motivation to joining the military, his assessment of U.S. policy, and his current focus on helping service people navigate the bureaucracy around veterans' care. View the trailer at no cost, or stream the full video. A DVD version also will be available.

Features For Readers

People Come First
For Retired Brigadier General

STRATHAM — Reflecting on a career that took him from serving as a special police officer in Laconia to the commander of special operations in Africa, retired Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc said he would realign his priorities today.

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The Trichomes Release New Album

By Thomas P. Caldwell

A new album by The Trichomes, “Frank’s Dank Super No. 1 Hits” packs an hour’s worth of bluesy, somewhat psychedelic, original music.

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Day Tripping to Franklin Falls Dam

By Thomas P. Caldwell

In the cool of the morning, shortly after the sun comes up, a short trip with the dogs to Periwinkle Field can provide a positive start to the day.

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Going Mobile In Your Own RV

By Thomas P. Caldwell

Freedom. For some people, it can mean spending a carefree day fishing or boating on one of the lakes ... hiking into the wilderness and exploring the myriad of trails cut through the mountains. ... Or someone may choose to go RV-ing.

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The Invisible People

Invisible to many, the homeless nevertheless exist in most cities and towns. Now there are programs to help them discover hidden talents and find their way to a fresh start.

This documentary highlights an art and photography project in Laconia NH and a transitional program in Canaan NH.

Watch the 15-minute trailer, and then rent or buy to stream the full, 50-minute video.

We also have a DVD of the documentary available for purchase in our online store.

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Indy Voices


Selectmen Review Transfer Station Contract

BRISTOL — Having awarded the contract for the first phase of work at the town’s transfer station to one of its own members, the Bristol Board of Selectmen publicly reviewed the bidding process during its April 19 meeting.

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McIntire Sworn In
As Bristol’s
New Police Chief

BRISTOL — James McIntire has taken the oath as the new chief of the Bristol Police Department.

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Selectmen Take 50 Percent Pay Cut

BRISTOL — Setting the tone for 50 percent cuts in many of the items that had been included in the 2018 town budget, members of the Bristol Board of Selectmen halved their own compensation, reducing the amount from $16,000 to $8,000.

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Coming Together On The Default Budget

BRISTOL — An attempt to end seven weeks of acrimony between the Newfound Area School Board and residents of the seven towns making up the school district succeeded in bringing a calmer and more respectful tone to the conversation over the default budget, but the dispute will not be resolved until at least mid-May.

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Recycling No Longer Profitable

BRISTOL — Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Or maybe just Reduce-Reuse.

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