Liberty Independent Media Project

PO Box 969 • Winnisquam NH 03289 •

Executive Summary

Recognizing that everyone has a unique perspective on life, the Liberty Independent Media Project aims to provide an opportunity for the sharing of that perspective, in the belief that making connections can benefit all involved. By bridging the gap between individuals, the Liberty IMP will help people understand one another and appreciate the special situations that neighbors face in their daily lives. In particular, the project aims to bring news, information, and opinion to those who might be cut off from it through normal channels, and to highlight people who have overcome physical or mental challenges, or who, through the arts or alternative life choices, have found ways to transcend and enhance the human experience.


The means of accomplishing this mission is by making use of the newest technologies to gather and present information in diverse ways. The Liberty IMP provides material in various formats in order to reach people in a manner that works for them. Using video enables us to present material over community access television, place clips on the Internet, distill it into news articles for print and web distribution, and offer CDs and DVDs for sale.


The project also has a training component to encourage others to contribute material for dissemination. The training will include the use of technology as well an understanding of journalism and its skills and shortcomings.


A volunteer effort, the Liberty Independent Media Project taps the interests of the participants for its energy and operates primarily on enthusiasm. However, there are financial needs to be met: Materials such as videotapes, paper and ink (toner), website registration and hosting, and high-speed internet access, to name a few. Since July 2001, these have been met through personal expenditures, but we are looking for individuals and businesses who can appreciate our mission and contribute toward expenses, either through outright gifts or through exchanges and the purchase of products.


In order to expand the initial effort — especially in introducing the training component and encouraging more contributions from the public — it is necessary to purchase and upgrade current equipment: computers, software, and cameras. Then we can take the Liberty Independent Media Project to the next level.


The Liberty Independent Media Project is based in the Newfound and Twin Rivers areas, but there is no limit on how far it can expand — statewide, nationwide, and worldwide — because of the way technology links people and aids in spreading information. The scope of the project is limited only by the individuals who get involved and the amount of time they can contribute.


Just as the project is unlimited in scope, those who benefit are potentially unlimited. If the Liberty Independent Media Project achieves its mission, it will be serving whole communities by providing the sort of bond that towns used to share before regionalization and globalization shifted the focus away from local people. By making everyone a potential contributor and a potential celebrity, the project forges bonds between people who may not have known they had anything in common.