Opportunities for Correspondents

The Liberty Project's news service offers stories, photos, and videos produced by and for the Liberty Independent Media Project to print and digital media outlets. Both professional journalists and citizen correspondents are welcome to provide news and feature stories as well as audio or video documentary features to the project.

We endeavor to present fair and balanced accounts of news events and to seek out unusual and overlooked stories, particularly features on those overcoming adversity in any of its forms. We also have a need for reports on the arts and cultural trends.

Since we work with both print and video, we are able to offer stories in various formats to suit clients needs. For instance, an interview may be presented as a story with photos for print and web while also being offered as full-length video on DVD or a video clip for use on a client's website.

Compensation, if any, depends upon the demand for the stories. Contributors will get two-thirds of the income received from clients purchasing rights to the material.

Fee/Compensation Schedule

Story Only: Client - $75; Correspondent - $50

Story with Photos: Client - $90; Correspondent - $60

Story with Video: Client - $225; Correspondent - $150

Story Exclusive: Client - $150; Correspondent - $100

Story & Photo Exclusive: Client - $180 Correspondent - $120

Story & Video Exclusive: Client - $450; Correspondent - $300

There may be special request projects, which pay varying rates, depending upon the job requirements.

Please email information requests, contributions, and biography to pm@libertymedianh.org.

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