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Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom is a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. A past member of her native New Hampshire Poetry Society, when she moved to Pinehurst, NC, she became a member of the Poetry Society of North Carolina that published "Unlaundered Cache" in their 60th Anniversary collection entitled "Here's to the Land", 1992.

Patrick Valentino is a professional musician, author, and photographer currently based on Boston's North Shore. His writing credits include being Concert and Media Reviewer for Performing Arts of New England and Arts Correspondent for the Ithaca Times, among others. He also works as a conductor, composer, and instrumentalist in the greater Boston area.

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T.P. Caldwell is a writer, editor, and photographer who began his career as an apprentice printer at a weekly community newspaper. During his career as a journalist, he gained experience in all aspects of newspaper production, including working as a reporter, editor, publisher, and weekly newspaper owner. He formed and serves as project manager of the Liberty Independent Media Project.

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